WINE Aerator POURER – The Ultimate Wine Pouring Device


Wine aerator pourer has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days when a person has to pull cork 5hrs before his guest arrives and pour the wine into a decanter. A wine pourer will make a shine in your kitchen. It is an aerator and filter at the same time. Usually decanting a wine takes about an hour or more, through pourer, you can pour a wine that allows the wine to breathe while it flows in a glass. Some pourers can sediment a wine, and a part of it holds the bottleneck wile you pour a wine in the glass.


This wine aerator pourer is a modern kitchen gadget for wine lovers. It prevents the spilling off the wine over the table from the bottle when you pour a wine . Coravin wine system allows you to enjoy your wine before wine starts oxidising.

How to select an ideal Wine aerator pourer

All pourers perform the same function, so it is difficult to choose which brand and model of a pourer to buy. Here are some key points to look while purchasing a pourer


The most common materials used in making a WINE AERATOR POURER are acrylic plastic, steel, or glass. These do not create any harmful effect on the wine. The content plays a huge role in the durability of pourer. Some materials are not dishwater, that is a factor if easy cleaning is a priority for you.


It is essential to buy a good pourer, finding a pourer that looks good but also easy to use. The product that looks stylish.

Keep in mind all the above mention factors while purchasing a wine aerator pourer.