Things to Know About Hay Day!


Hay Day gaining a lot of popularity in the last few months, which is resulting in the introduction of the latest games day by day. It was developed by supercell, and released in 2013. In this game, there are HD graphics and many more things. Hay Day is almost similar to Farmville, but its graphics are more intense than Farmville.

However, Hay Day is a free mobile game for Android and iOS. In this game, you can grow crops and build up the best farm. There are also a lot of mandatory techniques so that you can use to obtain coins and complete many more activities. If players want to enjoy the game more, then they can use Hay Day Hack for unlimited currency.

Top 2 Features

There are many features indulge in Hay Day, that helps the children make more interest in the game. Let’s discuss some of them in the following points.

1. How to Get Free Diamonds in Hay Day? – There are bunch of ways to get free diamonds, like by achievements and so on.

Here are the few best ways.

•    Players can take free diamonds when their level up.

•    Open the random mystery boxes and find some free diamonds.

•    Connect the game with your Facebook account and easily collect the diamonds or some other rewards. If players are not fully satisfied with these methods, then they can use Hay Day Hack for unlimited currency with an excess amount of diamonds.

2. To Know about Mystery Boxes – In mystery boxes contains some building materials or coins than diamonds. If you want to unlock many mystery boxes, then you need to pay some diamonds. It is not a good idea to unlock them because; if you have more diamond, then you always spend in the right stage.