The different components of an aircraft

Back in the fairy tale days, everyone wanted to go to the clouds. It was like a dream but if we are to look at the present generation then the dream has come to be the truth. We now are able to fly high into the sky. Flying has been common if you have money. In fact, that doesn’t even cost much.

There are many aviation industries that have come up to give us a safer ride of the earth as well as other planets. However, the whole structure and the components of all the aircraft are the same.

The Fuselage

This the main body of the aircraft. This is the place that holds the humans, such as the passenger, the pilot, the air hostess and the crew. It also accommodates the luggage and the cargo. This is the main part to which all the other parts are connected like the wings and tails or are installed into like the engine. It is basically a large tube that is constructed in such a way as to accommodate all.


This is the component of engineering that helps to lift the aircraft to stay in the air. The wings of the aircraft are airfoils that direct the air in such a way that it creates equilibrium so that the aircraft can fly and remain in the air.

The wings are attached to the main body or the fuselage on either side of the body. The wings have numerous designs, shapes, and sizes which make the aircraft vary in speed, accommodation, performance, productivity etc. each of the different wings provides something or the other to the overall performance of the aircraft.


The empennage includes the complete tail of the aircraft. The main component of this is:

  • Horizontal Stabilizer: this is the horizontal parts that are attached parallel to the wings at the back.

  • Vertical Stabilizer: This is the vertical par that is attached perpendicular to the wings.

  • Rudder: This is crafted behind the vertical stabilizer. This is a movable part of the craft.

  • Trim tabs: These are the moveable parts that are attached to the horizontal stabilizer and the vertical stabilizer. They are used to control and reduce the air pressure.

  • Elevator: This is crafted behind the horizontal stabilizer. This is used to lift the plane in the air.

The power plant

This is the part that provides the energy to the aircraft to fly. These include:

  1. Engine: The engine’s primary function is to provide electrical power to start the propeller.

  2. Propeller: the propeller is that part of the aircraft that helps to drive a force that would pull the aircraft forward. The propeller is found in front of the engine.

Landing gear

The landing gear is the part that supports the aircraft to stand when it is on the surface. The most general landing gear is wheels, while the aircraft that are functioned to land in water are provided with floats.


The plane’s functioning isn’t as easy as it seems. Specialized engineering has been used to make sure that all the safety measures are put to check.