Choices: Stories you play- What should you need to know about diamonds?


In today’s world hardly some games are available which you can have dual benefits. Here the dual benefits means playing the game and improve real-life skills. Well, Choices: Stories you play is a 6this kind of platform which allows you to do this. It is recently launched by popular studio Pixelberry which lots of unlimited activated. It is a huge open world where you can find lots of exciting stories. Here you are able to customize own avatar with lots of fashionable outfits.

Diamonds Role in the game-

In the Choices: Stories you play diamonds play in crucial role as currencies so by getting Choices Hack.  It is useful for unlocking the new stories. You can also purchase various kinds of things with the help of it. Always spend carefully because without it you are not able to reach on next stories. You need many parts for earning because it is very hard to gain. Here today we are going to give you an essential guide about those paths which will helpful to enhance your performance.

  1. Complete Chapters-

There are several types of chapters are present with unique stories. Via completing a chapter, you will get a huge amount of rewards. In this rewards some amount of diamonds are available. So with the help of it, you are able to obtain a big amount of diamonds.

  1. Challengers-

In some stories many kinds of small missions are present. Each mission has a unique task and goal. When you complete those tasks, then you will get some gifts. Via help of this gift you can boost the level and earn some diamonds.

  1. Connect Game with Social Site-

It is an outstanding source to obtain free diamonds for every newcomer. When you first-time login to the game with the help of Facebook then you will get free rewards. You can also enjoy lots of features with the help of it.