Castle Clash – Reasons To Use The Army Camp


Castle Clash is a video game which is running on the top only because of its gameplay. You can easily begin the game by using the social networking account like Facebook. Once you download the game, then you need to install it. After that, simply sign-in and begin the game by playing a tutorial match. In the beginning, you need to start from the set-up the town hall. Once you do it, then the game will begin. Players will get surprised every day because they will find lots of things in the game that made them amazing. Players can save real life money by using the Castle Clash Hack 2019.

Role of Army Camp

The army camp is the most useful and valuable building in the game. It is classified as attack building, and players can also hire and train different types of troops in the army camp. The numbers of troops training depend on the level of the army camp. In addition to this, the troop developments that comes in the training center. Players can also recruit the heroes for army camps by buying them along with the Mana. Instead of this, you can also upgrade the level of the field by upgrading them. It is possible to improve them by using the coins so you should collect it as possible as you can.


There are three different icons which are commonly shown available in the army camp. These icons are kind of signs of level up, hire and information. Information occurs which will give details about the current level of the army camp and other statistics. Nevertheless, the Level up icon will use to upgrade the army camp on the next level. Last but not least is Hire icon that is chosen in different troop types in the army.